The Ultimate Letter Opener – Tiletto

There are a large number of things that every office should have. Obviously, staples like pens, tape, sticky notes and scissors make the list, but what about a letter opener that does double – no- quadruple – duty?

I was recently introduced to the Tiletto, a letter opener that is made from grade 5 titanium that also works are a flat head screwdriver, a hex wrench, and a Phillips-head screwdriver.…

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Perk up your desk with this (appropriately named) Desk Daisy Magnetic Paper Clip Holder.

Who says that file folders have to be boring?

I couldn’t resist these sticky flags.

How did I ever live without this Post It adhesive label tape?

I usually peruse looking for t-shirts and other things, but they sell office supplies, too. On my want list: ninja throwing star push pins, Star Wars lightsaber pens, Lego moleskine notebooks and origami sticky notes.

I’m resisting the urge to buy all of these Star Wars USB flash drives.

I received a new Levenger catalog yesterday. Flipping through it is like reading office supply porn.

Color-coding my world - for organizational purposes only

When it comes to clothing, I aim for shades of black and gray. (Why? Because I’m messy!) But, when…

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